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All Seasons Pet Cushion S

All Seasons Pet Cushion S

All Seasons Pet Cushion S

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Designed to provide your pet with superior comfort and a relaxing feeling. Easily adjusts to temperature change, in winter it keeps them warm and in summer it keeps them cool. A perfect all-season pet bed. A unique swirl pattern provided on the top, gives them a peaceful and comfortable place to rest their adorable paws. A high rebound spray cotton easily retains heat and very lightweight to use. Skin friendly, non-shedding, and colour does not fade easily. Free from damp, flea, mite and bacteria. Easy to clean and machine washable. Give them a sweet dream they deserve, a relaxing comfort they deserve.  

Key Features:

  • Excellent heat retention
  • Unique swirl pattern
  • Skin-friendly
  • Non-shedding
  • Dirt and bite resistant
  • Free from damp, flea, mite and bacteria
  • Machine washable
  • All seasons use 
  • Material: Plush velvet
  • Dimension: 73cm x 43cm x 6.5cm
  • Colour: Grey


    We love Cuddle Bundle grey set! The best bit was the toy that came with it as it is know one of Willow’s favourite toys. The bed not only looks and feels amazing, but Willow falls to sleep instantly whenever she’s in it! The bed looks exactly as it does in the picture and we are super happy with our purchase!


    Both my dog and my cat are in love with their self heating mat. Even though they avoid each other most of the time they are now sleeping together on their mat because it is so fluffy and warm. And it really does heat up, even my daughter tried it!!


    Great product. The quality is amazing. Highly recommended. The plush toy is an added bonus!


    We received one of the cuddle bundle sets last week and our Luna has been in love with it since day 1. This bundle comes with a soothing bed, a soft warm blanket and also a toy. That’s so perfect. Thank you for this wonderful bed. Luna has a restful sleep throughout the night.


    Best Buddy Beds were easy and amazing to communicate with. Delivery was quick and arrived on time. As soon as the bed was unpacked, Reggie jumped straight into his bed and cuddled up with his new toy. The bed is high quality and super comfy. Every time Reggie gets into his bed, he falls asleep straight way.


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